We strictly follow our Term & Conditions:

Before signing any contract please read our Terms & Conditions Section.

* We charge 50% upfront payment for starting any project and rest 50% after the accomplishment and completion of a project.

* After completing any project, we will not be responsible for any upgrade/downgrade of a website except you sign a maintenance contract with us.

* Online Yourself gives 7 days maintenance of Web applications including Hotel Management System, Learning Management System, Campus Management system and Invoice Management system.

* After approval of a design, we will not alter it and if a client insists on making further changes, we’ll charge extra amount.

* Logo Designing is not part of website design.

* Web content writing is an additional task. We would provide content writing services only when it is agreed on the written contract.

* 100% advance payment for all types of social media marketing campaigns.

* In Search engine optimization, we try our best to achieve our goals but there is no 100% guarantee since Google and other search engines rank websites based on their own algorithms.