Web Designing is an art but now every third person claim him/herself a web designer. In reality web designing is not as simple as some people perceived in our country. A good web designer should knowledge about business. How businesses operates? How leads generate? How customers retain?

These all things only know a educated and experienced person. Our suggestions is to choose the right person for a right job. Because otherwise you may waste your time and money.

A big debate on rates of simple website as their is too much difference exists in between price of same project? I would try my best to answer it with simple illustration.

You may find good T-shirt in just Rs. 2,000 or  if you go for some good brand, it’s price might be touching around Rs. 5,000 or more. Meanwhile you get the same T-shirt in just Rs.100 or Rs. 50 from Second Hand Garment Markets. So things are same, but huge difference in quality which you may feel in a long term. Similar case applied for web-designing especially while considering Pakistani market which is mess up.