Google page rank update occured after every three months. Two major updates and two minor are scheduled every year by Google Inc. But after first update of 2013, Google SEO Lead Head, Matt Cutts said, that it would be surprised for me if any new update happened in 2013.


Today i am going to tell you the reality behind this pagerank. If my words make sense then agree with me. If not then Ignore it.

Google update pagerank. What happened next???  After that will you get more traffic???

Obviously not. Then what’s the importance of it. I think so it became a trend to check the worth of a domain and there is no relationship of Pagerank with web traffic and even SERP’s Ranking. It’s just useless element just like Alexa Rank.

Which things increase your website ranking on Google Search result Page?

Everyone wants to see his website on top while doing searching queries on Google.


It can only be possible if you follow below techniques:

TLD Domain

Top Level domains owns more importance as compare to other country level domains.

Page Speed

Page speed play a vital role on seo. It also attract user to interact with website at face pace.

Web Layout

Build an google friendly layout as per the recommendation of


Content is king in all SEO techniques and it will remain for a long time. It’s always recommended to write fresh and unique content related to your website.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are acting as a queen in SEO then most probably i would not be wrong.


Title Tags have big importance in Google Algorithm. So always try to give unique and attractive title.

It’s shows that Pagerank has no importance. so don’t focus on Pagerank Update.

Be remember After hummingBird, SEO totally changed. No Place for Black hat SEO.