I bought a book to boost up my HTML 5 skills. I went to largest book shop in my city and bought a book of Faithe Wempen.It helps you in web designing.

There are seventeen chapters in it and divided into four sections.  First two are very simple, If you know HTML 4.01 then i think you should skip these four one. In which he briefly explained the basics of  Hyper Text Mark up Language.

What i learned from this book?

HTML is case sensitive language.

It’s alarming  situation for you, when you read my phrase it’s a case sensitive language. Yes the first tag of HTML is case sensitive but rests are not… This Doctype declaration is case sensitive and very important as per standards mentioned in W3.org

<! DOCTYPE html> It tells the browser that the page which is going to render is in HTML 5 format while you can use other doctype declarations like XHTML etc.

What’s New in HTML 5?


It allow designer to draw pictures and small animations. But for getting full advantage of this tag you should use javascript and preferably JQuery.


It allows user to click on different areas of map. Let’s suppose you have a map of Pakistan and you highlighted its top cities like karachi Lahore and Islamabad. You desire when user click on Islamabad, he redirect to Islamabad page , similarly for Lahore etc so it ends up flash or other hectic tools.


figure is an additional tag added in html 5 allow user to add caption for the image.


It made designer life more easy. Now if you are using HTML 5 supported browsers then you don’t need to write more tags for adding audio clips on your page. Simply put audio tag.


Video tag is also very helpful for adding videos. Vimeo is also using HTML 5 video tag. It provides you a facility of following attributes like autoplay controls loop etc…

Semantic Tags <header> <footer> <nav> <article> <aside> and <section>. These tags are also included in HTML 5.