Here is the list of some of the leading Software House located in Oman.

Oman System Inc:

Loay Oman:

Bahwan IT LLC


Software Development is on boom around the world Because it’s the only sector which can easily be outsource across the world without any hurdles.

Why you should outsource your IT Projects?

As there are too many countries which are capital intensive while some poor countries are labor intensive. In Capital intensive countries, people have shortage of time while in labor intensive countries, people suffer shortage of money. This is the main reason of shifting IT industry from Europe & North America to Asia & Africa.

This is not compulsory to hire a person who have physical presence, for a Software project, specially for designing a website. Because, Technology ends all these hurdles and permit work online. As there are too many tools and mediums to accomplish such tasks like Team viewer, Skype, Email and Telephonic Communication.